Waste King L-8000TC Review – 1 HP Batch Feed

[ag-before-rating]Waste King L-8000TC Legend Review Summary:
The Waste King L-8000TC is a powerful batch feed garbage disposal. If performs all its functions extremely well, and the 1 HP motor ensures that it is capable of tearing through even tough garbage. Pricing is excellent and the generous warranty makes this an easy buy if you’re looking for an accomplished batch feed disposer.

Pros: Performance, easy installation, power cord included, warranty

Cons: Quite tall


Waste King L-8000TC Review

Waste King is known for high-RPM, efficient and durable waste disposals at competitive prices. The same is the case with the L-8000TC, a batch feed model with a powerful 1 HP motor capable of 2,800 RPM. There is not going to be much left of anything you put into the L-8000TC.

Let’s take a closer look at the installation and performance of this model, but having reviewed many Waste King models to date, I’m pretty sure this will be another winner. Continue reading