General Electric GFC520V Disposall Review

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General Electric has designed a decent garbage disposal with the GFC520V Disposall. It offers good performance at a competitive price, but suffers from a short guarantee that could force you to buy a new disposal after just one year.

Pros: Good performance, EZ sink mount, competitive price

Cons: Short warranty


General Electric GFC520V Review

The General Electric GFC520V is a large-capacity, continuous-feed waste disposal unit, powered by a 0.5 horsepower motor.

Featuring stainless steel grinding blades and a removable splash guard, this looks like a competent unit at a good price. Let’s take a closer look to see if it meets expectations.


The GFC520V features an EZ install mount, which makes installation as easy as you could hope for. You may need some plumber’s putty, depending on the type of sink you have, but apart from that an possible small piping modifications you should be ready to go in about 30 minutes.

This model does not include a power plug and is designed for direct wiring. You should be able to attach a plug though, but it will be safer to let an electrician to this if you’re not comfortable or familiar with the process.

The General Electric GFC520V in Operation

Powered by a 1/2-horsepower motor, this waste disposal should be able to handle most of the everyday food waste you need to dispose of. The noise levels are about standard, but probably a little more quiet than the Insinkerator Badger units if we can use that comparison.

Despite the power it is a little slower on the grind than some other 1/2HP units. Construction-wise I’m pleased with the stainless steel blades as they should last a long time. The sink flange is also stainless steel.

The turntable is galvanized steel, so that should ring a little alarm bell as we know that galvanized can be prone to rust after a few years.

Operating the General Electric GFC520V is as simple as most garbage disposals. Turn the water on in the sink, switch the disposal on and gradually feed food waste into the unit. Don’t expect stellar performance, but this certainly seems like a capable little garbage disposal.

The 2,800 RPM speed is plenty as well and I can’t foresee too many jams with this if you use it as intended.

Bottom Line: The General Electric GFC520V Disposall is a decent enough garbage disposal at a good price. Installation is quite easy and performance is on par.

I am concerned about the unit only having a 1-year warranty though, as you can get products from Waste King in the same price range that offer a much more generous warranty. For about the same price you can get a Waste King L-1001 with a 2-year warranty, or for about $10 more a Waste King L-2600 with a 5-year warranty.

The availability of these models make the GE hard to recommend as the go-to model in its price range.

Buying Advice: You’ll always find a great deal at Amazon.

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