InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP Review

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The InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP garbage disposal is a well-built, quiet and powerful product that should give you many years of great service. The 2-stage grinding process does a fine job of liquefying garbage and there’s plenty of power to go around.

Pros: Great grinding performance, quiet, quick lock sink mount, built like a tank, made in the USA

Cons: Expensive, heavy


InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP Review

Insinkerator seems to have hit another home run with this very accomplished 3/4 HP garbage disposal. It is a great looking product that feels solid and well-built, with quiet performance to match.

Let’s take a closer look.


The all stainless steel construction (both the chamber and grind components are stainless steel) makes this yet another heavy InSinkErator unit. You do get the confidence of a product that is built like a tank though.

This is also a very wide model, so some realignment of piping may be required, but this will absolutely be down to your own sink setup. This will also limit the amount of storage space you have left below your sink, so if you use it for any significant storage this unit may impact on that.

The quick lock sink mount works well and you shouldn’t have too many problems getting it attached.

Installation therefore is better attempted by two people, although a solo installation is possible if you can prop up the unit while attaching it.

As per normal you don’t get a cord and plug with the InSinkErator Evolution Essential, as it is designed to be hard-wired. Should you prefer a cord and plug connection that will be an extra expense for you.

InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP In Action

ISE has done a good job with sound muffling on this. It claims to be up to 40% more quiet than typical waste disposals, and that doesn’t sound too far off the mark. With no vibration and the quiet sound you may at first think there’s something wrong with the disposal unit, but don’t worry: it’s just great design kicking in.

Using a two-stage grind system to liquefy foods, the Evolution Essential does a proper job and you shouldn’t have to worry about clogged drains. Even tough customers like lemon and lime peels are not match for the grind system and the 3/4 HP motor powering them. The Evolution Essential gets the job done quietly and fast.

Draining of water can be slowed down by the baffle, which is quite stiff. This is important in the sound dampening, but you can cut tiny bits of it away if you have trouble with slow draining.

insinkerator evolution essential 3/4 hp garbage disposal

Bottom Line: The InSinkErator Evolution Essential is one of the best 3/4 HP garbage disposals on the market right now. It won’t disappoint in noise and performance, and only the price tag is a little stiff. It is large and heavy, but that’s the price you pay for proper construction. Online reviews suggest that 91% of owners are happy with this disposal unit. Highly recommended.

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For a more compact design better suited to smaller spaces, consider the equally good InSinkErator Evolution Compact.

What’s in the Box

  • InSinkErator Evolution Essential food waste disposer
  • Quick Lock sink mount
  • Quiet Collar sink baffle
  • Jam-Buster wrench
  • Anti-vibration tailpipe mount
  • Anti-vibration mount
  • Stainless steel sink stopper
  • Spring-type hose clamp
  • Installation instructions.