InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer

[ag-before-rating]Insinkerator Evolution Pro Essential Review Summary:
The InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential is an excellent 3/4 HP garbage disposer that will take care of most types of household garbage without any problem. The two stage grinding process, excellent sound dampening and powerful performance makes this a fine choice for any household.

Pros: Excellent performance, quiet, top build quality, 6 year parts & laborĀ  warranty, made in the USA

Cons: Expensive, somewhat heavier than most


InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential Review

The InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential is a powerful 3/4 HP garbage disposal unit. As with all high-end Insinkerator disposals, this is a quality product and you can feel that from the moment you first hold it in your hands. Heavy, sturdy and attractive, with a quick-lock sink mount.

Again though, it is considerably more expensive than not only brands like Waste King, but also comparable Insinkerator models. Let’s see what the difference is and whether it is worth the extra investment.

This is the Pro model, and at up to $100 more expensive than the basic Evolution Essential you would expect some serious changes. Well, here they are:

– 8-year instead of 6-year warranty
– auto-reverse function
– anti-microbial collar sink baffle
– upgraded stainless steel stopper

Are these worth the extra price tag? Well, possibly, although I’m not quite convinced.


The ease of installation for this unit will depend somewhat on your previous experience with installing garbage disposals, as well as your current sink/disposal setup. With compatible mountings and enough space below the sink to accommodate the Evolution Pro Essential, a self-install is very much on the cards. You may need to makeĀ  a trip to the hardware store for some small odds and ends depending on your current setup.

Keep in mind that Insinkerator disposals are on the heavy side, and at just shy of 20 pounds the Pro Essential is no exception. An extra pair of hands will come in handy, or else just get a professional plumber to take care of things nice and quickly.

This model features a Quick Lock sink mount instead of the standard 3-bolt mount. It’s a solid system that makes mounting slightly easier.

Again, Insinkerator does not include an electric cord or plug with the unit. It is made to be hard-wired into your electrical supply.

InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential In Action

Featuring a 2-stage grinding process, this is a very efficient unit. The noise is also low, as we’ve come to expect from Insinkerator. They make the most quiet units on the market, but of course you fork out quite a few bucks extra for the privilege.

The 3/4 HP motor is powerful and hardly slows down as it pounds various types of food waste to liquid. The 40-ounce grinding chamber is a little smaller than some previous models, which is a minor drawback but pretty much the industry standard right now, so not worth crying about.

The disposal struggles a little with citrus peels, but overall does a fine job.

Bottom Line: The InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential is right at the top of the pile when it comes to 3/4 HP disposals. The extra two year warranty on the Pro model is the main perk that separates it from the basic model. Either one will do a fine job for you.

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