Compact Power – Insinkerator Pro 750 Review

insinkerator pro 750 review

The Insinkerator Pro 750 is a new continuous feed model from the trusted garbage disposal brand, specifically targeting smaller household sinks through a more compact design.

It offers all the features of the popular Evolution Pro Compact model at a very competitive price (see for pricing). Let’s take a closer look.

Insinkerator Pro 750 Review – First Look

The Insinkerator Pro 750 is the replacement for the trusty old Evolution Pro Compact model (featuring the anti-microbial baffle which distinguished that unit). Size wise they are the same: both feature a 34.6oz stainless steel grinding chamber, 12.13″ height, 8″ width and are powered by a powerful 3/4HP motor. Just like its predecessor, this compact garbage disposal doesn’t lack in the power department. So, this is possibly just a renamed Evolution Pro Compact.

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Soundseal┬« technology in conjunction with a sound-reducing sink baffle should ensure that operation noise levels never become bothersome. The Pro 750 employs Insinkerator’s two-stage MultiGrind┬« technology for more effective grinding and disposal of tough garbage.

Insinkerator models usually only offered a hard-wired option, but you can now choose between the standard hard-wired version of the disposal, or a slightly more expensive version that comes with a power cord attached. The warranty has also been extended to 6 years from the 4 years of the previous model, showing the commitment to quality this brand has built its reputation on.


While professional installation by a plumber is recommended, you can install the Pro 750 by yourself if you know what you’re doing. If you have installed disposer before, this one won’t present any new challenges.

insinkerator pro 750 installation

Keep in mind that no cord is shipped with this unit and you need to purchase it separately, or use your existing disposal wiring to hard-wire it into your electrical supply.

The instruction manual offers a 26-step installation process which will help you complete every step in order. You will need to make a trip to the hardware store for some plumber’s putty and other odds and ends, depending on your current installation (or lack thereof).

Keep in mind that this is a fairly heavy unit at around 20 pounds, so for sinks where access may be challenging, someone to help you hold the disposal may be necessary.


Insinkerator’s Soundseal(r) technology is a tried and tested performer, and once again does a fine job on the Pro 750. While it is not as quiet as the high end models, when not presented with loud or challenging waste you’ll have a hard time detecting that this thing is even running.

The powerful motor coupled with the very effective 2 stage grinding technology takes care of most common household waste without too much effort. The grinding chamber is not huge, but quite enough for this compact a model.

Insinkerator Pro 750 – Final Words

insinkerator pro 750

The Insinkerator Pro 750 is a very exciting new garbage disposal model. Coming in cheaper than the Evolution Pro Compact, while not shirking on any features, it offers the same size and power coupled with Insinkerator’s time tested build quality.

If you’re after a quiet compact garbage disposal unit that still delivers a big punch, the Pro 750 is well worth looking at, especially at the current price. You also get better protection with the new 6-year warranty.

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