Waste King 9930 Legend Series 1/2 HP Garbage Disposer Review

[ag-before-rating]Waste King Legend 9930 Review Summary:
This is simply one of the best 1/2HP garbage disposal systems out there. With a five year in-home warranty and lifetime corrosion warranty you are well covered. Selling for under $100 most of the time, the 9930 offers you price, performance and longevity in one compact, affordable package.

Pros: Good quality, solid performance, price, warranty

Cons: Slow sink drainage, a bit noisy


Waste King 9930 Legend Features

The features of the Waste King 9930 Legend Series are right on par with the industry standard for 1/2 HP units. This unit has a continuous feed, a rust-resistant polyester chamber, a grinder speed of 2600 rpm, a 3 bolt mounting installation system and stainless steel grinding components.

Power is adequate for the requirements of a small household. The drain collection is also seven to eight inches, which means you can fill the drain without it getting clogged. There are also several optional features. The first is the remote switch. The remote switch is a great option if you do not want to use the wall switch, don’t have an ON / OFF disposer switch, or you simply want the convenience of a sink mounted switch. This remote is easily installable and usually only take five minutes to put in and you can use your existing sink hole.

These switches also come in different finishes such as chrome, nickel, and rubber to match your sink. These switches are available for several different models, so it is important to buy the correct one.


While installing most garbage disposals can be a difficult task to accomplish without the use of a technician, the Waste King 9930 is simply the opposite. This garbage disposal system is easy to install and also comes with detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

This system is equipped with a three bolt installation system. This is a common, highly compatible system and will make your task that much easier. User instructions are adequate, and you can also find videos online which will help you complete the installation.

Waste King Legend 9930 Performance

This is hands down one of the best 1/2 HP garbage disposal systems on the market. This product has several outstanding reviews on major shopping sites like Amazon (a 4.5 out of 5 star average) and is also ranked number ten in the home improvement guide.

This unit is fairly quiet, but can be somewhat noisy in certain sink types. It has a 2600 RPM Vortex powered motor which effectively handles most types of food waste. As with other Waste King units, slow sink drainage can be a problem. Cutting some of the edges away from the rubber cover can help, but do it at your own risk.

Bottom Line: The Waste King 9930 is an excellent waste disposal unit. High RPM, a powerful motor and rust-resistant design should see this sub-$100 unit providing you with excellent service for many years.

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