Waste King 9950 Legend Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

[ag-before-rating]Waste King Legend 9950 Review Summary:
It’s hard to imagine anything this unit wouldn’t be able to handle, short of putting rocks into it (not recommended). Sound insulation allows you to have an actual, two-sided conversation while you’re running it, although it’s not as quiet as Insinkerator’s top models. Its universal mount allows for easy installation by almost anyone with just a little mechanics experience, and the superior warranty gives you a guarantee against any sort of mechanical failure.

Pros: Long warranty, powerful, noise insulation, stainless steel grinding parts

Cons: Slow sink drainage, still a bit noisy


Waste King 9950 Legend Features

The Waste King 9950 Legend Series is a three-quarter horsepower garbage disposal unit. It operates at a fast 2700 rotations per minute. The unit comes with a bolt mount for simple installation. The disposal operates with stainless steel grinding parts, which prevents any rust from building up.

For those who don’t like the unbearably loud grinding of some garbage disposals (the kind that shake the plates in the sink), this unit is insulated to keep sound from escaping and rocking the refrigerator.


If you’re replacing an old garbage disposal, you should have no problem mounting this one onto whatever existing sink setup you currently have. The three bolt mount allows for installation directly onto any existing InSinkErator flange, and the unit can be installed easily on most other existing flanges.

If you don’t know what an InSinkErator or a flange is, don’t be alarmed. You can still probably manage the installation just by following the pictures, without worrying about the plumbing lingo. That said, if you’ve never done anything handy around the house or don’t know how to handle a wrench, you would be wise to hire a plumber to do the installation for you.

If you are a handy type of person who enjoys doing projects around the house, you’ll find mounting this disposal straightforward and simple, if you have a moderate amount of knowledge about plumbing.

The unit comes with an illustrated, easy-to-read instruction manual that lays out all of the installation details. It also comes with a useful installation kit that has all of the packaged parts you will need to use in the order that you will use them. The Waste King comes with all of the parts you’re likely to need, such as a drain pipe, a sink flange, a drain plug, and even a new splash guard to replace your old one.

Waste King Legend 9950 Performance

This garbage disposal is a high quality model. It spins at 1000 rotations per minute above the average disposal (2700 versus 1700). With that speed, you’ll find that waste is ground up and washed down almost instantaneously.

How loud you think it is probably depends on how loud your existing model is. The Waste King is insulated against noise, but its high power may make it seem noisier than other machines. In any case, at the speed with which the WK 9950 grinds up garbage, you won’t need to keep it on long.

Waste King also offers a 10 year warranty on the machine, as well as a lifetime warranty against corrosion. That’s the longest warranty available on any topnotch disposal unit on the market.


Bottom Line: The Waste King 9950 Legend Series is a solution to any food disposal needs, and will suit any household. The unit’s high power RPM and stainless steel grinders make for smooth and consistent performance. Its efficiency and speed almost border on overkill. Anyone with an older model disposal will be impressed by the performance they get from this one.

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