Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal

Waste King A1SPC Knight Review Summary

The Waste King A1SPC Knight is a tough act to follow for other 1 HP garbage disposals. Coming in at a competitive price point and boasting outstanding construction and performance, this is one of the best home grade garbage disposal systems you can buy.


  • Fast one-pass performance
  • Great looks, even though you won’t look at it often
  • Quiet, so the party doesn’t have to leave the kitchen once you turn it on
  • Very competitive price for the performance you’re getting
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavy and bulky
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Full Review:

If first impressions last, you will forever think fondly of the Waste King A1SPC as it is one of the best looking garbage disposal units available. This was especially surprising because I’ve become used to the standard Waste King models, which won’t exactly win any beauty contests.

It is clear then, right off the bat, that Waste King had taken some extra trouble with the A1SPC Knight. Is it more than just a pretty face though? Can something so beautiful get the ugly, dirty job of waste disposal done?

I can’t imagine that the 2,800 RPM grinder with a full horsepower behind it is going to take any prisoners when processing garbage.

Here’s a quick review.


A powerful garbage disposer like this will always come with one drawback: size and weight. The space you have to install these things into is already limited, you have a somewhat tricky mount to fit, all the while having to deal with, in this case, almost 19 pounds of stainless steel.

The A1SPC is still slightly lighter than the other standout 1HP garbage disposal unit, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel, which is around 23 pounds.

The lighter weight of the A1SPC can in part be contributed to the fact that it only has one grinding chamber. This is a straight one-pass grinder, compared to the three stage system InSinkErator employs.

The mounting hardware is a fairly standard 3-bolt system, so it should fit most current outlets without any problem. Due to the weight and size of the unit, installation is much easier with someone extra present to hold the unit in place.

As is standard with Waste King products, a 36-inch electric cord with attached plug is included.

waste king a1spc knight

Waste King A1SPC Knight In Action

This is a very quiet waste disposal, perhaps not quite as quiet as the top level InSinkErator models, but enough so to make special mention of it. Taking into account the high RPM this runs at, the sound dampening technology used here is even more impressive.

The 1 HP motor provides plenty of power and the single chamber operation ensures pleasantly fast processing of any garbage you put in. I can’t see this unit having problems with most of the everyday garbage generated in our homes. Potato peels, lime rinds, chicken bones, the Knight is hungry for them.

You shouldn’t experience jams very often (you’ll have to try hard to jam up this beast), but if you do you can shove the handle of a wooden utensil down it to free it up. I’m sure a somewhat less crude method of unjamming would have been nice, but this is effective enough and again, I doubt you’re going to need it.

With stainless steel inside and a sturdy plastic outer shell, this should last a good while. The shell does seem to be the weakest part of this whole system, but I can’t see that being much of a problem at all.

Bottom Line: The Waste King A1SPC Knight is a fantastic garbage disposal, and I’ll go as far as to say that for sheer price/performance you can’t beat it.

To put it into perspective, the 1 HP InSinkErator Evolution Excel is about double the price of the A1SPC. Check the dimensions at the bottom of this page, and if you have enough space and need this kind of power, this is a very easy unit to recommend.

waste king a1spc rating

Buying Advice: You’ll Get the Best Price at Amazon

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Questions and Answers

Q: What are the dimensions of this garbage disposal?
A: 8.8 x 8.8 x 15 inches. It is a large unit so make sure you have enough space.

Q: Does the A1SPC have a hook-up for the dishwasher drain?
A: Yes it does.

Q: Does it have a stainless steel sink flange?
A: Yes it does, setting it apart from most other Waste King products. It also has a chrome stopper.

Q: Is this suitable for mounting on a cast iron sink?
A: Yes it is. The mount is adjustable and the screw lengths are generous enough.

Q: Is it really quiet?
A: It is not whisper quiet, as in “I wonder if it is on now” quiet. It is, however, quiet enough not to be bothersome and you can talk over it in a normal voice.

Q: Do I need a wall switch?
A: A wall switch would be the best and most convenient way to operate this product, yes.