Review: Waste King Legend Series L-3200 Garbage Disposer

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If it’s power you’re looking for, the Waste King Legend L-3200 garbage disposer has plenty to offer, with a 3/4HP motor, generous 8-year warranty and impressive performance. The easy installation and competitive price point are other highlights.

Pros: Performance, easy installation, power cord included, warranty

Cons: Bulky


Waste King Legend L-3200 Review

Waste King has made a name for themselves by offering solid, high-performance garbage disposals at very competitive price points. The L-3200 fits that mold exactly, providing blistering performance and solid build quality at a good price. Let’s take a closer look.


Most Waste King units use their EZ mount system, which attaches the disposer to the sink without the need for bolts. This is a fairly simple system to use if you follow the instructions closely, and even people who have never installed garbage disposals before should be able to get this installation done without professional assistance.

It does help to have someone to hold the unit steady while you’re attaching it to the sink, so ask your spouse to help or get a friend to come round to make it easier on yourself.

Waste King conveniently includes a power cord with their products, making installation even easier if you have a plug outlet nearby. Getting one installed is usually a quick and easy job for an electrician.

So, as far as installation goes the L-3200 is as simple as any Waste King model.

Using the Waste King L-3200

The L-3200 performs as expected. There’s a lot of power here and it takes care of regular food waste without any hiccups or slowing down.

The drain opening is a little smaller than you may expect, leading to the water draining more slowly. This is not a big problem though and if you want you can enlarge is slightly by cutting small bits of the rubber away. This will make the unit more noisy and more sound will escape from below.

All the grinding components in this is stainless steel, so you can expect a good long life out of it. The outer shell is hard plastic, but it shouldn’t present a problem.

I can’t see jams being a big problem with all this power if you do normal feeding. The L-3200 will pulverize most foodstuffs without problem.

Bottom Line: The Waste King Legend L-3200 is a rock solid 3/4HP garbage disposer. It is fairly light weight thanks to the plastic exterior, but still feels sturdy and well-built. The price is right and performance is excellent.

This is a popular product among buyers as well: an aggregate of online reviews for this product shows that up to 86% of buyers are happy with this purchase and have little to no issues with the product.

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The Waste King L-3300 offers similar specs and performance, but gives you a 10-year warranty and slightly larger capacity for a negligible price difference.